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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

In the first part of July I worked as videographer in the artistic residence by performers Sveva Scognamiglio and Ese Brume, which was held in the Refectory of the Ex Asilo Filangeri in Naples. The project is based on a text by the poet Audre Lorde USES OF THE EROTIC - THE EROTIC AS POWER which speaks of a repressed feminine energy that has been constantly translated by the patriarchal system (which fears it) into something strictly concerning a sexual dimension. Something women must be ashamed of, not come into contact with, and which when it rises to the surface is automatically seen as pornography or obscenities. Through the involvement of some African girls with a traumatic past both from the point of view of patriarchal and migratory violence, the artists use dancing, speaking as a (physical) act of protest and sympathizing between women, to give life to a performance that has as its goal an eroticization of space and bodies, in which the audience is also involved in order to raise awareness of this repressed force in each of us.

The rhythmic sound dimension was created by artist Stefano Costanzo.

The photo are by photographer Karen Mandau.

My video will be used for further development and fund rising of project.

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