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Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I am so glad that my first feature-length documentary film "Terra in vista" was finally released on October 6th at Cinema Nova in Bruxelles as its World Premiere and it was screened in the international competition Opus bonum during the 26th Ji.hlava IDFF at the end of October as its International premiere.

The film opened at Cinema Nova in Bruxelles a cycle of meetings and screenings about the work and life of Felix Guattari. We are so honoured that the Nova programmers felt a connection between our film (co-directed with Giulia Angrisani) and some concepts created and theorized by Felix like micropolitics that basically means that every single act of our daily life can be politic.

Terra in vista was later screened at Ji.hlava international documentary film festival in Czech Republic, one of the seven major festival of documentary in Europe that are part of DOC ALLIANCE EUROPE. The screening was amazing and the quality of the films been screened during the festival makes us proud. Check the page of our film at the festival HERE.

The next screening will be at Mois Du Doc Belge in Brussles at cinema Aventure on November 28th.

Check details HERE.

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