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Terra in vista on

«Terra in vista» is finally available on TENK vod site!

We love their programming and to be part of it with our film is a true success for us.

Thanks to Julia Pinget for programming the film and writing a beautiful review:

This film is like a breath of oxygen and freedom. Freedom of form, where the beauty of the story lies in the improvisation of everyday life and the randomness of life's trajectories. Oxygenation of the imagination where words and thoughts mingle with the poetry of people and landscapes. The four protagonists imprint their raw flesh and existence on every frame of the film. They create their own place to live, giving their own rhythm to the passing of time. They invent a language for themselves, scattering their gestures and words across the vast wastelands and starry skies that welcome them for a night or a stopover. Giulia Angrisani and Mattia Petullà explore the territories of intensive agriculture through these singular, intimate and absolutely political trajectories.

Julia Pinget


Watch the film from France:

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