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Shooting for the project "The promises" ended

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In the first two weeks of July we shot in Marseille the last part of the material that will flow into the film "Les Promises" (The promises) directed by Giulia Angrisani and produced by the company UNPLUSH, for which I took care of the photography and I will take care of the editing. The project was born from the mind of Marion Zurbach, choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the company, as a work of theater and performance to be realized with six teenage girls from the northern districts of Marseille considered "difficult" area of the city. Marion wanted to tell the difficulties, dreams and imagery of these girls in a show and had asked Giulia Angrisani to create some video inserts that would show the more intimate and anthropological side of these six (wonderful) girls in order to create a show that explicitly aimed not at a "professional" work, but at a sincere story, written and desired by the protagonists themselves.

Unfortunately, the advent of the pandemic and many other difficulties forced us to take a much longer project than we thought, to film much more material than we thought and to live in Marseille much more than we thought! In the meantime the girls have grown, changed and with them also the sense of the project. As in many other areas, this pandemic crisis has transformed, forced plans B and C and in some cases, like this one, has given rise to difficult and unexpected paths but at the same time interesting and full of possibilities. From all this, a film will be born about a show that has never been made, about the desire to tell about six "promises", six young girls who ask themselves how they can about the meaning of becoming women for their generation, about the world around them and what awaits them for the future.

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